Vinyl Strap Frequently Asked Questions Vinyl Strap Frequently Asked Questions
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Vinyl Strap Frequently Asked Questions

We sell patio furniture supplies from Carter Grandle
Q. How thick is the vinyl strap? Is it good quality?
Our vinyl is .112"-.115" thick. Our strap is American-made commercial grade virgin vinyl.
Q. How many colors do you offer?
We offer more than 40 colors in 5/8", 1", 1 1/2" and 2". See the Vinyl Strap Colors page to view the selection. Not all colors are available in all widths and selection is subject to change without notice.
Q. What is vinyl lace and how is it different from vinyl strap?
Those terms refer to the width. Vinyl lace is 5/8" or 1" wide; strap is 1 1/2" or wider. To order 5/8" or 1", look under Vinyl Lace.
Q. Can I buy long lengths of vinyl?
Lace is available in either 250-foot or 900-foot rolls. Strap can be ordered in 50-, 100- or 200-foot rolls.
Q. Does strap come pre-cut?
Yes, you can order strap cut and hole-punched to the length you need.
Q. How would I know the proper length of pre-cut straps to order?
Click on the How To section at the top and review the instructions and photos.
Q. How long will this strap last?
Many factors affect the life of patio furniture and the vinyl on it: northern or southern climate, covered patio or in the sun, proximity to the ocean, etc. Generally, our strap will last 10-15 years.
Q. Which rivets do I use with my furniture?
First determine whether the end of your strap wraps around the frame once or twice requiring either a single-wrap or double-wrap rivet.

If it's a single wrap, your choices are long or short shank rivet. Use the long shank rivet when holes in the frame were punched rather than drilled; punched holes will appear concaved. Use the short shank rivet when holes were drilled rather than punched; edges of drilled holes will be flush with frame.

If it's a double wrap, you can use either the solid shank double-wrap or small double-wrap rivet.

Q. How do I care for my vinyl strap?
Clean vinyl strap frequently with mild soap and water. Where environmental conditions are harsh or corrosive, clean the vinyl monthly using three parts water to one part ammonia. Do not use bleach or abrasives. We recommend Casual Clean, available under Cleaners.
Q. Why does my old strap have spots on it?
Paba, which is found in many suntan lotions, will discolor vinyl.

To help prevent this if you use such lotions, place a towel on the furniture before sitting or lying on it. If there is contact with paba, wash the vinyl with mild soap and water and rinse well.

Q. I want to order two rolls, but whenever I type in "2", the quantity goes back to "1". How can I order more?
When you enter a quantity other than 1, click the "Update" button and the new quantity will be entered. This step will work if you change the quantity at any time before check out.
Q. How can I call you?
Reach our voice mail at 954-989-2499. We return calls in the order in which they're received.
Q. Will I get spam email if I register to Vinyl Furniture Supplies?
Vinyl Furniture Supplies values your business and will never sell your personal information. Our best interest is served by providing you with parts, supplies and information so that you can enjoy your patio furniture.


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